Hurlstons Sponsor Skolars v Leigh Cup Tie

22nd March 2012

Malcolm Hurlston has created many organisations for good, both charities and other not for profit vehicles. He has chosen Skolars v Leigh as the time and place to launch the new charitable trust Registry Foundation.

One of his co-trustees, Gordon Beesley, is a life member of Salford; for the other, Marion Blake, it will be her first live experience of rugby league. Gordon is a former trades union banker; Marion is a leading tobacco company executive.

The aim of the Foundation is to make timely donations to charities in need, using its trustees’ experience to make fast decisions. It will carry on the donations policy of Registry Trust whose own good works included giving  the initial impetus to Britain’s biggest debt charity, the Consumer Credit Counselling Service.

The first aim of the new Foundation will be to gather commitments and donations to help the trustees start their work.

Hurlstons, which is sponsoring the match on behalf of the Registry Foundation, is a lobbying firm established in 1980; it has provided crisis support to many multinational companies and developed long term trade bodies to argue the case for contentious and sometimes unpopular causes.

Its major popular successes have been:

  •      the creation of Registry Trust – which safeguards the flow of judgment information throughout the UK to underpin responsible lending; www.trustonline
  •    making the case for Sunday shopping
  •    conceiving the trades union bank Unity and PASS (the Proof of Age Standards Scheme.)

Today Hurlstons concentrates on employee ownership, Registry Trust and pro bono work as a force for good, mainly in the finance sector. At the same time it is available for selected lobbying, research and advocacy assignments, capable of stretching its multi-lingual and widely experienced team.

In his personal statement Malcolm Hurlston says; “I like to make things happen, to change the world for people, to achieve results. There is no single best way other than by everybody using their best skills towards whatever the cause may be.

“The first change is rarely the final change, but it creates a new situation from which success can more easily be achieved – like the pass which leads to the try.

“Work with us; help the Foundation; life will be better”

With over 25 years of experience right at the core of governmental developments, Hurlstons is a public affairs consultancy with a unique record of establishing lasting solutions to corporate and industrial problems. The firm takes its working spirit from the eclectic personality of its founder, Malcolm Hurlston, a social entrepreneur renowned for his ability to find practical answers to complicated issues in creative ways

Our experience draws from assignments across a range of sectors, with much of our recent work focussing on third sector and consumer finance clients.

Clients benefit from our network and ability to build consensus among interested parties. Hurlstons has a long track record of creating administering and sometimes leading special purpose trade associations, most often on behalf of a leading company in the sector.

Our secretariat service provides media monitoring and communications, takes care of events coordination and produces fully researched policy briefings.

Contact us on             0207 239 4906       or     

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