Thorman’s Thoughts

7th December 2011

Skolars 1st team player and Community Coach Neil Thorman updates us on how pre-season traing is shaping up:

Week 3 & 4 of training finished with and most of the equipment has been delivered and set up in the gym, the newest edition being two pull up and dip frames, which head coach Joe Mbu and Skolars and Scotland regular Dave Arnot decided to take it upon themselves to assemble –  Krypton Factor style! Dave took early lead, not even bothering  to look at the “insignificant” instructions and just working from the picture on the front. Joe struggled to get going, having to unscrew a few things and start again. By the time Joe got going Dave had already finished and set it up in the corner of the gym. The pull-up and dip frame wasn’t going to be used that session so was put to the side for Joe to finish the next day, only for him to find out that Dave had put a piece the wrong way round making Joe the overall winner of the building challenge! As Joe explained to Dave, “all effort and no substance” aka, “all f*rt and no smell’!

Also our wrestle room was now ready for action, with the floor painted and sealed and all the mats down too. Starting with some pummeling, creating the same environment for when you are in a tackle and you want to keep you’re shoulder, chest and head in close to your opponent or attacker and also getting used to pulling and pushing levers (arms in this case). This also helps for a warm up to prepare for wrestling. With the pummeling done the boys moved on to wrestling with the object to pin your opponent on their back for 30 seconds at a time and keep them there – this is beneficial to both players. In the defending side you are practicing turning your partner on their back or maneuvering to a position that will predominately slow them down when it comes to playing the ball. For attacking we practice this to counter a player that is trying to pin you on your back or being able to turn at the correct time to win the ruck and get that quick play of the ball. Players that dominate at wrestling were Lameck Juma and Matty Thomas, although unfortunately I couldn’t make that session so my Papa Shango Shoulder Breaker will have to wait till next time!

Other sessions included boxing, with everyone working hard. None more so than Dion Chapman, a product of London Skolars Juniors, coming through the ranks and being rewarded with a place in the  1st team training squad. Most sessions will include our physio Laura Dunstan, but I think everyone can remember the 40 minutes on hip and glute stability and pilates, which really isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Everyone finds these sessions particularly hard, but very worthwhile. Head boy seems to be Aaron Small, or that’s what he thinks. I personally think our very own Danny ‘Pilates’ Burke and Jack Clover are the strongest in this area. Ollie ‘Gaps’ Purslow struggles to find his feet, let alone touch them. And don’t get me started on the Jarek ‘Jerry The Polish Express/ White Chocolate’ Obuchowski. Laura: “put your feet light like standing on egg shells.” Jerry (in his brilliant Polish accent): “I don’t understand, why I stand on eggs?”

Weather is starting to get colder but the sessions are starting to get tougher so you’re nicely warmed up once we’re ready to head out on the pitch. We now have two and a half weeks to go till we break for Xmas. Then the exciting times start, with ‘friendly’ games and our eagerly anticipated Capital Challenge on Friday 27th January, for London Broncos first ever competitive game under the club name and logo. If interested in buying a ticket follow this link to our website.

Thought for pre season.

“The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle.”


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