All players must be over 35 and retired from competitive football.

Competitive Rugby League is hard, physical and with only 2000 registered club players aged 30 or over, it is fair to say it is a young persons sport. Until Now! Masters Rugby League started in New Zealand in 1992 and progressed to Australia, enjoying great success and is currently engaging thousands of players.

Masters Rugby League can only be played by persons aged 35 or over, is strictly a social version of the sport and the rules are slightly modified to cater for the older gentleman. There are no winners, no champions and no cup finals. It is all in the spirit of the game rather proving a point or settling a score. The most important rule is “Everyone has to buy a drink for their opposite number”.

Masters is all about Fun, Participation and Friendship

Its 13-a-side contact rugby league however some rule modifications changes include:

  • 5m rule instead of 10m
  • Different coloured shorts for different age groups and the rules, plus players awareness during the game, are adapted accordingly. Tackles are modified according to age:
  • White and Black short players tend to tackle each other normally
  • Red short players must be physically stopped and held. On defence, red short players must make a definite 2 handed hold on the attacker
  • Gold Short Players to tackle or be tackled need to just touch i.e. no tackling
  • No more than 2 players allowed in any tackle and no fending/handoffs
  • Once progress has stopped, players are preferred to succumb
  • Rough and over vigorous play is not condoned; safety (to old bones) is paramount
  • Passive scrums happen after nearly all infringements and turnovers
  • 1 marker and dummy half/acting half back must pass
  • Kicks only allowed on the last tackle
  • 25 minutes each way with unlimited interchange

If you are interested in playing or finding out more information please contact Graham Oliphant  by calling 07889 534999 – 07889 534999 – 020 8888 848 or e-mail,

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